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Hello people of the World!

Flanngy Drew Thick and Thin is here today for a blog post. I have a blog on a different website, but here I am going to try to do my blogging on my website.

Creating this website took a lot of time and effort, I suck at making blogs only because I don't find the time to do them. But in my other blog I started it cause I wanted to express my journey as a artist but also a momma. I shared my experienced how I started drawing on my first tablet, trying to draw my comic book, and animations. I am still improving and now that I have a website it's pretty awesome to have one that has all of my stuff. Like all of my stuff.

It's got all of my books I have created, and art prints that can be printed on demand pretty cool.

So I have made goals for 2024, how about you?

My goals for this year is to publish Sweet and Sour book 3. I have finished drawing it but now in the process of editing.

Other goals is to do my next book, 5 star princesses, I am excited to get it going! Already got fifty pages in, 200 or more to go.

Sweet and Sour definitely helped me boost my confidence to do more, and here I am going to do that.

Books one and two are available on my website.

The third book coming soon, it's going to be great!

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